Be Carfull Facebook User

Hello Everyone how are you ?
I think you all fine and I am also fine.

I think everyone know 60,00,000 Facebook has been hacked by unknown hacker.
Realy this news is very sad for all Facebook user.

And I share to you one other bad news for all Facebook user.
Please read this post carefully.

Facebook currently has Four VIRUSES:  BE ALERT

  • If you get a notice of a PHOTO TAG ... Do not open it.
  • If you get a notification that a friend reported you for offensive behavior etc.. Do not open it.
  • Is a Video saying 99% of People can not watch this for more the 15 Sec. Do not open it is also a virus.
  • All Messages from your friends via chat saying click this link .. Do not open!  These are BAD ones and will crash... your computer ..... re-post and warn friend.


They post some insulting messages on the wall of your friends with your regards, without you knowing about it. If you receive one of those messages in my name, it wasn't me posting them.


Computer Monitor Problems

Hello , Everyone how are you ?
I Think you are fine.
I am also fine.
To day I wright  troubleshooting computer monitor problems.

I see the difficulty of monitoring the computer itself. In fact, if they wish it, I can not go down on computer screens, without much effort.
Of course I did not choose.   
  • The new high quality, it's probably just that - a choice. But that's exactly what the option depends on the ability of the monitor and video card.

  • The distinction that we see is that the "aspect ratio" of your new monitor is unlikely that other, what's in your old CRT. This is a change we imagine the world of TV and change the rule to the characterization of discharge.
  • Chances are your old CRT has a ratio of 4:3 ... Meaning that the width 4 / 3 is the height, or even the level 3 / 4 the width. Your new monitor is almost certainly different. Perhaps it is 04.09 clock, the new HDTV standard, but could also be something else entirely.
  • If you look at screen resolutions, you will see something attractive conscious in pixels, the old "standard" screen resolutions - is 4:3 - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768. And I'm sure they will also appear on the old CRT.
  • I look at your new monitor, and a native resolution of 1680x1050 pixels. This is not a relationship of 4.03 (4.8:3 is real, or more accurately, 08:05). This means that it is wider compared to the old monitor is 4:3. 4.8:3 and 4:3
Well, if you change something and the new monitor is easy to make a decision of the monitor - as if to show that it is likely that a 4:3 image in a space of 4.8:3. There are three options.
The first option is to maintain the aspect ratio of the single image:
4:03 centered image on a screen of 4.8:3.

This is a characteristic display image centered on the big screen 04:03. You now see all the time, when Standard TV shows are 4:03 meanings in 16:9 HDTV screens displayed. Feature on the image of the black bars on both sides concentrated in order to fill in the blank.

One option is to almost never see the harvest:
4:03 cropped image on a screen of 4.8:3
In this case, the image is stretched to fill the entire width of the screen while the aspect ratio of the novel. The result is that the upper and lower perish, as it is not.
The third option, and I hope that you experience is to ignore the aspect ratio in its entirety:
4:03 stretch the image to fit screen 4.8:3.

In this case, the monitor stretch the image to fill the screen completely ignore the aspect ratio imaginative. As you can see, this was a perfect circle now is 04:03 ellipse slightly stretched when stretched to fit the wider aspect ratio. Everything on screen looks a bit stretched horizontally.

"Setting the declaration of the screen to the native resolution of your monitor game is by far the best ..."
That's OK, for clarification, but how you fix it?
There may be two ways.

The monitor can in fact have the opportunity to choose what to do, when the aspect ratio to show of what you plan do not match. In fact, the monitor includes the option "Full Screen" (stretching, in the example above), or "fill aspect ratio" (the center with a focus on the black bars) in its configuration. They are parameters that you can access the menu and other controls on the screen.
Many monitors include a similar institution, but many do not. The alternative is to adjust the screen resolution in Windows itself.

Click in Windows XP, right click on the desktop, click Properties and then click the Settings tab. In Windows Vista, right on the desktop, click Customize, and click Display Settings. In the dialog box that appears, check the screen resolution:

Display settings in Windows XP

If possible, set the screen resolution to support the maximum native resolution of the LCD monitor by moving the slider. In the case of 1680x1050. If you can not define, then Windows will automatically appear in the correct format, and do not reach all of the monitor. Setting the display resolution to match the native resolution of your monitor look is by far the best way to make the screen easier.
If this particular resolution is not available, then you have with resolutions that are much smaller than this, but possibly with the same aspect ratio. 1512x945, for example, maintain the same aspect ratio. Not all monitors to operate at less than the optimum resolution of your property, and may in a screen a little blurry result, but do not extend horizontally.

Finally, your friend may be right. If your graphics card can not be set to the native resolution of your monitor and are not still satisfied with the alternatives, then the change could be.

I think this post is very important to you.
If You benefit this post please comment.


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