Causes of Dependence on Computers

Present society is heavily dependent on computers and their applications. Among others, the two major causes for this dependence are :

1) Ability to calculate and computer
2) Handling and processing of information

computers can perform calculations at a speed beyond human ability and with accuracy and consistency which people can not match. Some of the knowledge we process today would be unknown without the fast computational ability of computers. The rapid social, economic cultural, and technological changes cannot be imagined without the east computational speed of present day computers.

Ability to record and information, process that information at high speed, and reproduce that information in a variety of ways makes the computers indispensable for modern society. Information is generated in such a volume that it is impossible to handle information by conventional methods.

Present world is so much dependent on computers that if they could be swept away overnight, the airlines communications and financial operations of most part of the world would collapse. There are many more examples like these. It is not possible for average persons to appreciate the direct and indirect impact of computers in society. But it is true that computers have penetrated human society far more deeply than the overage persons can realize.


What is computers and society

Storage, processing and dissemination of information play a very important sold in modern society. Computers telecommunications, data and computers communications contribute tremendously for these activities. Computers and electronic communications are getting closer and closer every day. Efficiency of production of wealth depends heavily on various lines of automation, and computers are used to automate methods for processing information. Apart from information processing, computers play important role in many other areas of industry. Computers, electronic communications and other technologies associated with automation come under the general term of information technology. Information technology influences our lives and its impact on individuals, organizations and society is increasing day by day.

Major technkngibal innovations generally affect the lives of individuals. New intentions lead people and society to they world through new eyes and to accept new values. Apart from benefits, many technological advances have harmful effects in society. This lesson explorers the values of technological advances of computers and information technology on society.


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