Higher education in Britain

Higher education in Britain has experienced a dramatic expansion. One in three young people now enters higher education compared with one in six in 1989. The number of postgraduates also has increased tremendously. There are some 90 universities in Britain which offer courses in a wide range of subjects, including traditional arts subjects as well as science and technology. Over 95% of students on first degree and other comparable higher education courses receive government awards covering tuition fees and a maintenance grant. Parents also contribute, the amount depending on their income. Students from other countries also come to britain to study but overseas students have to say very high tuition fees, nearly three times more than local students do. Nevertheless, over 500000 overseas students attend publicly funded higher and further education institutions in Britain.


Etiquette in English society : Tips for foreigners who going to Britain

Hey How are You? I come today very importent information and tips.

The british have a reputation for keeping their emotions private and for being reserved in their public behaviour.
There are some obvious things that people from overseas notice in British behaviour. For example, on public transport, people do not usually talk to other passengers.
On meeting, people do not embrace and often simply shake hands on a first introduction.
In theatres, concept halls and cinemas, audiences are quiet during performances and reactions are often restrained.


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Literacy: An age-old concept

"Prophet Mohammad (SM) also put great emphasis on literacy.
Islamic civilisation pivoted on literacy and patronage of scholarship.
Ibn Sina, one of the most famous Muslim philosophers of all times, say the task of education as creating a complete citizen, physically, mentally and morally and preparing him for a profession whereby he could farm his own livelihood and contribute to the society.
In the views of Al Farabi, another great Muslim philosopher, education was one of the most important social phenomenon which made sure that the individual was prepared from an early age to acquire values, knowledge and practical skills within a particular culture.


Visiting Bangladesh: Tips for foreigners

I come near to you today some tips for foreigers who visiting Bangladesh.

At the airpot :

At the airpot, there are taxis, and auto-rickshaws called babi-taxis, but you have to bargain for


Most runs in career (Test)

       Name ---------------------  Match--------- Runs -----------------  Team

1) Sachin Tendulkar ---------- 177 ------------ 14692 ----------------  India (Curent Playing)


How to know malware and malicious software found if your computer

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Are you know your computer is malware and malicious software free.


Disable send to and copy option on your pc

Many of the necessary data on our computers that we have a lot of time with someone you do not want to copy. But we always do not stuck our data with password. Send to menu option would be remove from computer how is. Yes, it is possible.


Remove autorun virus your computer

Hellow i am come back again. When autorun virus attack our pc then we faced any problem. \Dont worry i stay with you.

1) At  first first click run or click windows key+r.


Send unlimited free sms

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I came you're near today how to do free sms from the internet.


Lock your computer without any software (Must Watch It)

Various reasons we can lock the compurers folders. You can use the software for a variety of lock folder.
Even if you are able to lock folder without any software
Yes, I have shown my achito system to work

1) At first click All Programs and then click Run.

2) Then click syskey and press ok

3) Then click update

4) Then click password startup

5) Then set your password and at last you restart your computer.

your work is finished.


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