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Love and Friendship SMS-3

If one day,
The third world war reformed to destroy Earth,
If the light would be deamed from moon in the sky,
But you also mine, only mine.


Love and Friendship SMS-2

Friendship is the best thing in the world,

As there is no scopes for tears,
If your friend is good


Love and Friendship SMS-1

There is a big difference between
friendship and a rose..

Roses last only a while, but friendship is foreever!


What is fax?

The full name of fax is facsimile. It is a quick mode of sending a copy of written messages or printed documents. It operates through a machine connected to the telephone system. We can easily transmit and recive any important printed matter by fax machine to or from far place within a short time. Graphics, drawings, and pictures can also be transmitted and received by fax. It is generally used for business and official purposes. Sometimes, we can also use it for personal affairs.


FIFA world cup football top 5 goal

Top 1) Maradona (Argentina) V:S England, 1986

Top 2) Maikel Owene (England) V:S Argentina, 1998

Top 3) Pelay ( Brazil) V:S Sweden, 1958

Top 4) Maradona (Argentina) V:S Belziam, 1986

Top 5) Haaji (Romania) V:S Colombia, 1994


FIFA world cup football participate team

FIFA world cup was held 19 times. Brazil is lucky and only team they play all world cup and champion 5 times.

Short detail below:
1) Brazil- Participat 19 times

2) Germany and Italy- Participat 17 times

3) Argentina- Participat 15 times

4) Maxico- Participat 14 times

5) England, France and Spain- Participat 13 times

6) Uruguay- Participat 11 times

7) Netherlands, Switzerland, USA- Participat 9 times

8) Chiele, S.Koria and Paraguay- Participat 8 times

9) Camarun- Participat 6 times

10) Portugal- Participat 5 times

11) Denmark, Japan and Nigeria- Participat 4 times

12) Algeria, Australia, S.Africa- Participat 3 times

13) Ivory Cost, Ghana, Grish, Honduras, Newzeland, E.Koria, Slovania- Participat 2 times

14) Serbia and Slovakia- Participat 1 times


FIFA world cup calculation

1) Brazil Champion 5 time (1958,1962,1970,1994,2002)

2) Italy Champion 4 time (1934,1938,1982,2006)

3) Germany Champion 3 time (1954,1974,1990)

4) Argentina (1978,1986) and Uruguay (1930,1950) Champion 2 time

5) England (1966) , France (1998) and Spain (2010) Champion 1 time


Every home team in FIFA world cup football performs

Year- Team- Perfomes
1930- Uruguya - C

1934- Italy - C

1938- France - S8

1950- Brazil - RU

1954- Switzerland- S8

1958- Sweden- RU

1962- Chiele- 3RD

1966- England- C

1970- Maxico- S8

1974- Germany- C

1978- Argentina- C

P1982- Spain- 2ND ROU

1986- Maxico- S8

1990- Italy- 3RD

1994- USA- 2ND ROU

1998- France- C

2002- Japan/S.Koria- 2ND ROU/4RD

2006- Germany- 3RD

2010- RSA- 1ST ROU

N.B-( 1942 and 1946 was not held FIFG world cup because world warm)


Why is English so important as an international language?

As an international language English is very important. English has long been a world language. Historically, English spread worldwide due to the colonial expansion of the British. The most powerful country in the world (USA) uses English. It is a major language of the U.N. In Bangladesh it is the donors language. Higher studies anywhere in the world are mostly offered in English. Most of the world trade and commerce is conducted in English. Global interaction and the present revolution of information technology have pushed English further into the forefront. Again all international transaction of information is done in English. So English is very important as an international language.


Crabbed Age and Youth by William Shakespeare

Youth like summer morn,

Age like winter weather,

Youth like summer brave,

Age like winter bare,

Youth is wild and age is time,


In how many ways do British and American English vocabulary differ?

British and American English vocabulary difer in spelling and pronunciation. Very often they use partially and completely different pronunciations. Sometimes they use partially and completely different words for the same meaning. They also sometimes differ in grammar.


The impact of satellite TV on society

Satellite TV has a mixed impact on our socity. We can enrich ourselves by accepting the thins which are good. But if we take those which are contrary to our own culture and socity, our moral values will be spoilt. So, the impact of satellite TV depends on the standpoint of our acceptance.


The role of TV in education

In the field of education the role of TV is very important. A good teacher can teach numerous students through a TV set which is impossible otherwise. A good number of Bangladesh open University students listen to the lessons on TV. Thus a TV can spread the light of education all over the country as well as the world.


TV as a mode of entertainment

TV has become a significant and common mode of entertainment to all classes and ages of people. One can easily get entertainment from a TV. It telecasts various entertaining programmes of varied tastes. So, nowadays as a mode of entertainment, TV is very important.


Why need English

English is an international language. International companies use English to communicate with offices in different countries. Furthermore, nowadays more than 80% of all the information in the world computers is in English. It is the official or semi-official language in more then 60 countries. You cannot acquire higher knowledge on any subject without learning English. So, you must learn English for higher education and to get a good job.


What type of English do we generally follow in Bangladesh?

British English is generally followed in Bangladesh for historical reasons as a consequence of British colonisation. Nowadays in Bangladesh we use both British and American English. In business sector, American English is being widely used. In modern writings on Business Studies, we notice more use of American English. In other sectors, British English is used more than American English. But gradually American English is getting more popular than British English.

By MD: Sabbir Alam


FIFA World Cup History- 1930

1930 it is the memorable history in the world. It is first world cup in the world. The world cup was held Uruguya. And it is very happy to say the first world cup was won the home team Uruguya and Runners Up Argentina.

Short detail below:

Home Team- Uruguya

Champion- Uruguya

Runners Up- Argentina

Total Team- 13

Total Match- 18

Total Goal- 70

Total Goal Average- 3.89

Golden Boot- Stabil (Argentina) 8 goals.

Writer: MD: Sabbir Alam


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