How To Speed Up Your Internet

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I writing to you to day how to speed up your internet with out software.
This is a nice tricks and this tricks 100% work. ( Note : This tricks only for windows 7 user )

Okay , I am writing now.

  • At first select run and then type gpedit.msc and select ok 

  • Now select Administarative Templates

  • Then select Network

  • Then select QoS Packet Scheduler

  • Now select Limit reservable bandwidth

  • Now Select Enabled and Bandwith limit select 00

Yes now your work is finished now restart your pc and enjoy full speed internet


Be Carfull Facebook User

Hello Everyone how are you ?
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I think everyone know 60,00,000 Facebook has been hacked by unknown hacker.
Realy this news is very sad for all Facebook user.

And I share to you one other bad news for all Facebook user.
Please read this post carefully.

Facebook currently has Four VIRUSES:  BE ALERT

  • If you get a notice of a PHOTO TAG ... Do not open it.
  • If you get a notification that a friend reported you for offensive behavior etc.. Do not open it.
  • Is a Video saying 99% of People can not watch this for more the 15 Sec. Do not open it is also a virus.
  • All Messages from your friends via chat saying click this link .. Do not open!  These are BAD ones and will crash... your computer ..... re-post and warn friend.


They post some insulting messages on the wall of your friends with your regards, without you knowing about it. If you receive one of those messages in my name, it wasn't me posting them.


Computer Monitor Problems

Hello , Everyone how are you ?
I Think you are fine.
I am also fine.
To day I wright  troubleshooting computer monitor problems.

I see the difficulty of monitoring the computer itself. In fact, if they wish it, I can not go down on computer screens, without much effort.
Of course I did not choose.   
  • The new high quality, it's probably just that - a choice. But that's exactly what the option depends on the ability of the monitor and video card.

  • The distinction that we see is that the "aspect ratio" of your new monitor is unlikely that other, what's in your old CRT. This is a change we imagine the world of TV and change the rule to the characterization of discharge.
  • Chances are your old CRT has a ratio of 4:3 ... Meaning that the width 4 / 3 is the height, or even the level 3 / 4 the width. Your new monitor is almost certainly different. Perhaps it is 04.09 clock, the new HDTV standard, but could also be something else entirely.
  • If you look at screen resolutions, you will see something attractive conscious in pixels, the old "standard" screen resolutions - is 4:3 - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768. And I'm sure they will also appear on the old CRT.
  • I look at your new monitor, and a native resolution of 1680x1050 pixels. This is not a relationship of 4.03 (4.8:3 is real, or more accurately, 08:05). This means that it is wider compared to the old monitor is 4:3. 4.8:3 and 4:3
Well, if you change something and the new monitor is easy to make a decision of the monitor - as if to show that it is likely that a 4:3 image in a space of 4.8:3. There are three options.
The first option is to maintain the aspect ratio of the single image:
4:03 centered image on a screen of 4.8:3.

This is a characteristic display image centered on the big screen 04:03. You now see all the time, when Standard TV shows are 4:03 meanings in 16:9 HDTV screens displayed. Feature on the image of the black bars on both sides concentrated in order to fill in the blank.

One option is to almost never see the harvest:
4:03 cropped image on a screen of 4.8:3
In this case, the image is stretched to fill the entire width of the screen while the aspect ratio of the novel. The result is that the upper and lower perish, as it is not.
The third option, and I hope that you experience is to ignore the aspect ratio in its entirety:
4:03 stretch the image to fit screen 4.8:3.

In this case, the monitor stretch the image to fill the screen completely ignore the aspect ratio imaginative. As you can see, this was a perfect circle now is 04:03 ellipse slightly stretched when stretched to fit the wider aspect ratio. Everything on screen looks a bit stretched horizontally.

"Setting the declaration of the screen to the native resolution of your monitor game is by far the best ..."
That's OK, for clarification, but how you fix it?
There may be two ways.

The monitor can in fact have the opportunity to choose what to do, when the aspect ratio to show of what you plan do not match. In fact, the monitor includes the option "Full Screen" (stretching, in the example above), or "fill aspect ratio" (the center with a focus on the black bars) in its configuration. They are parameters that you can access the menu and other controls on the screen.
Many monitors include a similar institution, but many do not. The alternative is to adjust the screen resolution in Windows itself.

Click in Windows XP, right click on the desktop, click Properties and then click the Settings tab. In Windows Vista, right on the desktop, click Customize, and click Display Settings. In the dialog box that appears, check the screen resolution:

Display settings in Windows XP

If possible, set the screen resolution to support the maximum native resolution of the LCD monitor by moving the slider. In the case of 1680x1050. If you can not define, then Windows will automatically appear in the correct format, and do not reach all of the monitor. Setting the display resolution to match the native resolution of your monitor look is by far the best way to make the screen easier.
If this particular resolution is not available, then you have with resolutions that are much smaller than this, but possibly with the same aspect ratio. 1512x945, for example, maintain the same aspect ratio. Not all monitors to operate at less than the optimum resolution of your property, and may in a screen a little blurry result, but do not extend horizontally.

Finally, your friend may be right. If your graphics card can not be set to the native resolution of your monitor and are not still satisfied with the alternatives, then the change could be.

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How To Repair A Computer Mouse


The mouse is a useful feature, but the decision until it starts to bother him. You will understand its full significance only when the mouse goes wrong or behave erratically.


Some common problems with the mouse: 

Mouse pointer does not move easily

• Mouse freezes
• The mouse does not work at all
• Mouse too slow or too fast
• The problem with double  click

In this paper, we have decided to cover the most common cause behind these problems and the solution.Correction:

Let's see, all these problems one by one with his solution:   

Cursor does not move

This problem is especially dist by the accumulation of the lower edge of the outer side of the mouse laser mouse or special mouse pad or an optical mouse and creates silky. Clean change the dust on the outside of the bottom of the mouse, mouse pad, and try, and the mouse pad, which helps a lot.

 Mouse freezes

This problem is mainly due to the high CPU utilization, or you can tell by hanging by an application. In such cases, the mouse freezes. In this case, wait a few seconds and see if the mouse begins to respond. If that fails, try the Task Manager from the keyboard and try to kill one of these applications. In the worst case, you can stop and restart the computer.The mouse does not work at all

This problem is caused by loose connections or incorrect connector to the PS / 2 mouse port. In this case, first check the physical connection. In the worst case, the mouse may have died, so its time to go shopping.

The mouse does not work at all

This problem is compounded by the relatively loose, broken or mouse connector into the wrong mouse PS / 2 port. In this case, first check the physical connection. If you have a wireless or Bluetooth mouse, check the battery. In the worst case, the mouse may have died, so its time to go shopping.

Mouse speed too fast or too slow

You arrange the speed of the mouse and comfort. To configure it, go to Control Panel> Mouse Control and signaling devices, and set the mouse speed to your liking. 

  Problem with double

You can also double-click speed, and quiet. To this must also go to Control Panel> Mouse Control and signaling devices. From here you can use the mouse double-click speed.

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How to Troubleshoot Hard Disk Drive Problems For Computer

There are more than a few problems, the cause is difficult to break.

the status of your plant is in operation, without the "script is not planning sector," the problem of the UN or universal "stop catching up, ignore," error reading the disc, is a sign of many hay that acne on the device. These usually so terrible acne fix formatting the hard disk. There is a big problem because all the stored programs that lose less new and without having a backup and restore your data, resolution of all data on the hard disk.

           An alternative to First Class program of the United Nations United as "Spinrite" from Gibson Company Conduct a pioneer of the driving test software will be maintained. Realistic pricing is a sin, and men again Sin Data Destruction Hard Drive. Highly recommended.

In the meantime, here are some commands for troubleshooting :

  • It is a kind of electrical connection problem
  •         The hard disk controller does not
  •         The hard disk physically defective, you
  •         The hard drive that you do not have electronic
  •         There is a problem with the recording on the hard disk
  •         CMOS settings are not properly September
  •         There is a conflict with the IRQ settings
  •         There is a conflict with the jumper settings
  •         The reader will fail to start.
  •         Fdisk reports wrong disk size when using more than 64GB.

  1. First There is a certain type of electrical connection problem

Make sure the cable connections are correct.

Check that the connector 4 son who carries the power and make sure it is plugged in. This connector at one end and a taper can not be put in reverse.

Applied when first turned on the computer, the hard disk light is coming on shortly, which is a good indication that the drive is receiving power. Since the turn of the plate vibration and buzzing light check is whether the player is connected

Then check the data ribbon cable. This cable is showing a ribbon cable with a red rim or blue color, the position of pin 1. Some of these cables are caught with a small tab in the center of the edge connector. On many of the hard drive pin is the pin closest to the power connector, but not always, check the documentation of your hard disk or on this website available in hard drives and search for your model.

You can use the documentation on the hard disk on this page you will find it easy with the index on top of each page to find the manufacturer, then the page is a list of manufacturers who have links to each product and technical support documents. The former players are on different sides, and new CDs. If you find listed the page where the products of the manufacturer, at the top of the page for a link, the "old models" says, and you'll find the list here.

If all cables are properly connected and power is applied, you should be able to hear and to feel, to rotate the drive. If the CD does not run, turn off the device and try another outlet (perhaps that the CD-ROM is connected). If the CD does not work, then it is probably defective. * Refer to Step 3
Second The hard disk controller has failed

A controller error is usually displayed by an error on startup. Not much except that you can do to replace the hard disk. Check the hard disk error codes
Third The hard drive is not physically

There may be two signs of the disease.
    2) The device is not rotating: 
To solve this problem is necessary to physically access the drive while the computer is turned on. With the cover, looking at the device and find the page that has no components. Touch with the hand on the side and try to feel the rotation of the disc tray. A typical hard disk has a small amount of vibration and a slight hum.

3)  The head of the hard disk crashed into the bowl 
This rule makes the device sends strange noises, sometimes right and often repeated regularly. A typical hard disk has to be a gentle hum to them should be easy to identify the device difficult to listen only.
4)  The hard drive failed electronic

This is indicated by an error message during the boot cycle computer. You can not do much in that other State then to replace the unit.

  5) There is a problem with recording to the hard disk (read or write)

There are two conditions that can cause this problem.

Not read 
  • The hard drive can be a sector on the disk.

This problem can be performing a program that is able to be identified unit testing hard surface. In Windows 95, you can find scandisk in Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools folder. Another possibility is to use a utility such as Norton Utilities for surface exploration.

This problem can also see if you format the hard drive and it is stated that "bad sectors" are in the formatting. These bad sectors are typically registered as such by the format of the program and the team knows that I do not use, but more bad sectors can be created as the hard disk.

  • One or more files damaged by any method.

These problems occur or when the computer restarts unexpectedly after a crash or maybe a power failure. They are easy to fix and repair. Just run the ScanDisk program found in Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools folder and allow the computer to improve the error.

After the repair, it is possible that one of the files were corrupted and useless now. It is impossible to determine which files are assigned in advance, but if you write the names of the files are displayed wrong during the scanning process of the disc may try to find the application that is downloaded and install the application.

    7)  CMOS settings are not set properly

Check the CMOS settings. These values ​​must be required by the manufacturer's specified parameters.
  •      The old equipment

These teams must go into the CMOS / BIOS at startup and change the settings by selecting a number from 1 to 48, by a number of type 1 or 2, or a selection of the "User Defined" and enter the settings manually hard drive "head", "cylinder", "SPT", "WP" and "LZ". These options can be on the hard disk manual, the manufacturer's website or on this page by searching for the company, then the model number of the disk are found.

After entering the parameters normally before exiting the BIOS and restart the computer.
  •     The latest equipment

These teams can almost always you will find a selection that allows the computer to "automatically" find IDE hard style. There are two methods in use. First, you can select "Auto" in BIOS screen for drive C: D: E: or F:. After restarting the device is automatically detected. Second, certain types of BIOSes have a choice has called "Detect Hard Drive" that allows you to start a selection, a car, take the thing to find and gives you the ability to accept or reject the detected device. This process is repeated for each drive mappings and available CDE F.

Once more there is to the BIOS to save changes and restart the computer.

Is also very critical phase lead that can run the device LBA, but not be able to see all the data. This card comes into play with larger hard drives than 500 megabytes and is about the computer BIOS at boot time, and looked to get where you configure the hard disk.

"Bad LBA setting" symptoms:
  •         The computer is on, but you get a lot of read errors
  •         Windows comes sometimes, sometimes it crashes
  •         You do not have the possibility of a shorter but larger files seem to
  •         Scandisk can not solve problems


LBA in the BIOS settings is not correct. Most likely, in units with more than 528 MB, setting LBA is not activated. Enter the BIOS and enable LBA.

This can easily happen if the device is a computer and it works fine, but then the plate is changed. The old BIOS had LBA enabled, but no news. Once the device is installed, seems to be working, but you have the symptoms described above.
     7) There is a conflict with the IRQ settings
a) Normally used on the primary hard disk controller, the interrupt request (IRQ) number 14, the hard disk C and D permits to work properly .. The secondary hard disk controller uses IRQ 15, which the E and F of hard disks are working properly.

What happens is, sometimes with another device, like a sound card IRQ 15 or use the default settings changed by the user. That makes the computer not to secondary hard disks Immediately after installation of this device with IRQ 15th The only way to solve this problem is to change the device to use a different IRQ.

b) Another problem may be used in device drivers for Windows 95 CD-ROM in the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys loaded at startup. If Windows 95 is a conflict with these drivers will run in compatibility mode MS-DOS. This can be displayed by selecting Control Panel / System / Performance / File System Control.

A normal installation of Windows 95 uses 32-bit file access. If there are conflicts, you will see that the system goes into compatibility mode MS-DOS. Sometimes this can be solved by the method to be here.

    8) There is a conflict with the jumper settings

All IDE hard drives must be properly configured by jumpers on the hard disk. The manual for each unit of instruction for these parameters. Each unit can be used as master or slave. Since up to two drivers on each computer can separately for each controller can have one master and one slave.

A typical computer with 4 IDE drive parameters main channel, as the C drive (master) and D (slave), and the secondary channel as the E drive (master) and the F drive (slave).

The two drives, the first unit as the master and slave and the second as the secondary channel is configured to be ignored.

On the motherboard you need to enter the BIOS and can, in fact, enable or disable the store a secondary hard disk controller and the changes. So if your computer is equipped with two units and added two more before the new equipment must be recognized in the BIOS to activate the secondary IDE controller, save the changes and reboot.

     9) The device can not start

To correct this condition, start the computer with a DOS boot diskette. After the computer starts with the drive tries to access the C: drive with the command default-directory

DIR C: <enter>

If the C: drive that works and you can see the list of directories, then you may be transferred to the boot disk with the controller to make the system files from the floppy drive of the following:

sys a: c: <enter>

The file must be on the hard disk. If not, then you will find a floppy disk with the file or use another computer to copy the file to disk. You can also use the file from the floppy to the letter ...

copy a: \ c: \ <enter>

... The computer will ask you to check the operation.

Note: A unit must also be active boot partition before it can begin. This is done using FDISK.EXE (of course you should do this fdisk precautions that your device is useless if misused can take).

To the hard drive crashes when starting to solve and not the computer stops responding, turn off the computer and unplug the cable from the hard disk that connects to the motherboard. If you turn on the computer, at least one error message on the board is bad, and maybe get into the BIOS. Once in the BIOS you can select the type of hard disk to change to AUTO and turning off the computer and connect the drive to try again to see if it works now.
    10)  Fdisk reports wrong size for the use of hard drives over 64 GB

According to Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q263044, "If you will Fdisk.exe to partition a hard disk, use the greater than 64 GB (64 GB, or 68,719,476,736 bytes), Fdisk does not the exact size of the hard disk.

The size that Fdisk reports the total size of less than 64 GB hard drive, for example, if the physical drive is 70.3 GB (75,484,122,112 bytes), Fdisk reports the drive is 6.3 GB (6,764,579,840 bytes) in size. "

Hard disk error codes

In general, a hard disk failure is indicated by an error code when the computer starts.

1701 - hard drive failure. ... Zip codes of the BIOS
This error code displays the BIOS during startup of the computer when the hard drive fails.

It could also be a cable problem, as described above. IRQ conflicts and poor bridge could also cause this problem.

One possibility is that the CMOS battery is dead. This can be checked at boot time by entering the BIOS and set the configuration of the hard drive and reboot. If the disk disappears error, the battery is empty.

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Tejaskriyara will identify the level smartphone

Japan has been able to identify the entity level tejaskriyara DoCoMo smartphone. Tejaskriyara sanaktai dimension not only the odor identification will be smartphones. Advanced Technologies in Japan on Tuesday of last kambainda eniibausana siyateka entities DoCoMo Technology Show new smartphone.
Japanese champion in most cities in Asia, organized by the Institute of Information Technology to create about 600 new products, new technology on display.
This new point of a 10-inch display with 7 points from 7 mm puratbera tosiba Tablet PC. Weight only 558 grams Tablet PC. The company claims is the world's lowest puratbera computer and lightweight Tablet.
8 October until the start of the new arrival, nearly two million visitors to the fair organizers hope.


Computer Monitor Problems

Computers are very important for us all today. We all need to be used for many types of activities. We use it to watch movies, talk with friends, exchange files, and not just for activities. There are many things that can be done through the use of computers today, things were much more than before in the past and, if the computers have become a real need for us all. There are many important aspects to remember about computers, so that we may work in a position to correct them. In addition, there are many computer problems that occur while you leave our computers and many of these problems can sometimes interfere with our work with the computer. For this reason it is important that the knowledge to be able to overcome these problems, if encountered.

The monitor is a very important material, since it shows users all the pictures from the instructions, which are operated by the computer system. With respect to the components of the computer it is also important to mention that there are many problems a computer screen that the user when working with their teams. These problems can sometimes be resolved even by the user if they follow the knowledge to the troubleshooting steps in order to have solved these problems. There are many types of data that can be very useful for users in this regard and it is important that these data can be understood by them.
There are many types of computer problems for the monitoring of users have come to work with your PC and it is very important for them to know how to overcome these errors when they occur, so that might be able to continue with their computers. An important aspect is that many of these problems are known to have simple solutions, but if these solutions are not known to the users will not be able to overcome the problems themselves and thus will not waste time on their computer screens to a specialist who can solve the problem.
Monitor, among the many types of problems computer users often are the ones that are caused by a low supply voltage. Situations where this could be mentioned as the biggest problem is that seems to be dead and that means no image or bitmap of any kind in this case, in which the monitor may vary the causes. The cause may be caused by a faulty cable, wrong type of switch or even a backup by an internal overload. Undoubtedly, these are the most common causes for this problem, but it is not the rule. Another example of a computer monitor problem is illustrated by the situation in which the computer can not display the image, but there are some unusual noises while the user taps or clicks Flubs are heard daily. In this case, the issue could be the type of overload or short circuit at the output of food in the computer. Another cause could be the loss of a unit called the horizontal, which can also lead to a similar effect can be seen.

Another type of computer monitor problem is the nonlinearity that can be displayed on the screen. Most types of modern computer monitors will be almost perfect linearity of the type in which they represent. If this kind of problem seems that it could be caused by a faulty component is included, which is right in the computer as a capacitor, which can not work. Another example of a computer monitor, the image problem is caused by pressing left and right are from the computer screen. If this happens, the problem may be a capacitor that has a value that is too small, or they would not open properly, can be caused. Another cause of these problems can be considered a bad connection.
Many users have also been shown to work with your team to the problem of the size of the moving image, no changes have been made in the options of the graphics card. In this case it was found that the problem is usually due to feeding on the monitor is not working properly caused. This is another example of a problem with the computer screen, which can be found which can be solved easily if it is caused by food. It is not a complex problem, but should not be ignored, either because they could be other problems with the computer screen.

Many of us have encountered in recent years is another problem, the computer monitor and is the aspect of compensation for multiple images on a computer screen. If this happens, it is generally believed that the problem with the fact that the computer is turned off, scan speed is caused. It can range from something that does not work properly on the screen are caused, but can also by other factors, caused outside of the properties of the screen. It may also happen that we discover that our computer-screen images, which parts were cut displayed. If this part of the picture is really missing the case could be that you believe the problem is not caused by the monitor itself, but before we can decide, it is recommended that users who encounter this type of computer monitor to control the Video settings problem and considering that it works properly, check the wave forms in the vertical amplifier.

These are just some of the problems of the computer monitor, many users all find their PC monitors. There are some problems that are solved by the user when he or she has the skills to do this, but others can be very complex and in this case, the user may need more help to solve the problem. It all depends on the cause of each problem and the knowledge possessed by each user. However, it is very important for all users aware of the need to have some knowledge of computers and computer monitors have to be able to step in solving problems, which can sometimes help to solve some problems are occurring if their computers. If these steps do not understand that it is impossible for users to know how to actually take to solve the problem of your computer screen.


The iPad is 80% North American market for tablets

I think they are good. I write today the most important article in the latest technology. Please read them carefully. 

Apple iPhone captured 80% market share of Tablet PCs in the United States and Canada between April and July, a report said.

The iPad represented delivers six million tablets of 7.5 million in North America in the second quarter of 2011, the research group Strategy Analytics. Apple describes as "a great leader."

But he added that Amazon - which own tablet version expected this week - could become a major challenge. "With the brand" Our Strategy Analytics analyst Alex Spektor, said: "Apple has a long way to its major competitors such as Motorola, Samsung, RIM, HTC and Asus.

"A combination of branded fresh, light, equipment, entertainment and retail Smart Apple has done a great leader on the market to use." Reports indicate that online retailer Amazon announce the launch of its first tablet on Wednesday. "Every time the price, screen size and design of the devices are correct, Amazon can be a great challenge to the dominance of Apple," said Neil Mawston, Director of Strategy Analytics. "Like Apple, Amazon has a strong brand, compelling content, sophisticated billing systems and widespread. "In fact, the new tablet product from Amazon a great chance to score a basket from Amazon in the hands of U.S. consumers to make offers easy access for the purchase of digital content or physical goods online store Amazon."

The continuing popularity of the Apple iPhone is, despite its incompatibility with Adobe Flash, the user can not see a lot of online videos is called. Competitors such as Samsung are quick to point out in their advertising that their pills in a position, the flash should be used. Apple and Samsung, which makes the Galaxy series of tablets to remain a series of patent disputes. On Monday, Apple went to reports, the iPad had to cut parts from their suppliers due to declining sales comment.

The study by an analyst at U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase for Asia, said a number of vendors have shown that Apple has to cut its orders by 25%. The iPad was the first time in April 2010 launched the second version, IPAD 2, after March this year Until then, see the next time. Please pray for me, I have no time to blog in my study.


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